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Space Grasshopper

October 22, 2011

This bizarre and unusually large grasshopper was photographed in… space! Just kidding; Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala, India.


Funeral of a Dragonfly

October 21, 2011


Waterfall of the Week

October 20, 2011

Cascade in Gavi,  Pathanamthitta District.

Giant Tadpoles

October 18, 2011

Dozens of these giant tadpoles were swimming in a pond fed by a small waterfall in Gavi, Kerala.

Diplacodes nebulosa (teneral male)

October 14, 2011

A teneral (young) male Black-Tipped Percher (Diplacodes nebulosa)  in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. This picture was taken while trudging through muddy fields, hunting for mushrooms to cook at the campsite during a 2-night stay in the reserve.

Sitting, Waiting

October 13, 2011

Two boys, presumably brothers, lounge on the road between Thekkady and Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Bullock carts are a common sight in Tamil Nadu, but the neighboring state of Kerala is rare witness to the spectacularly horned animals.

Phallus duplicatus

October 12, 2011

Phallus duplicatus is one of dozens of stinkhorns, and is surprisingly not the only one known as the Veiled Stinkhorn. While most people may not readily identify this organism as a mushroom, it is in fact one of the most fascinating, and consequently is not too common. Phallus duplicatus, as well as P. indusiatus, P. multicolor and several other members of the genus Phallus, is a (surprise!) phallic fungus with a lace-like skirt that descends from the cap. Like all stinkhorns, it earns its name (although less strongly than others) from an ingenious evolutionary adaptation designed to ensure the reproduction of the species. Read more…